Work Stress Profile

INSTRUCTIONS: Stress is the body's reaction to the demands of life. In itself, stress is neither good nor bad. Stressors are external events that cause an emotional and/or physical reaction. Stress is personal. What might be stressful for one person may not be for another. High levels of stress can result in physical (headaches, backaches) and psychological (anxiety, anger, depression) symptoms. Too much stress in not healthy.

This 45 item test (about 10 minutes) is designed to measure your overall level of stress and identify stress levels related to six work factors. Using your mouse, click on the response that best describes you in the following statements. The answer options are as follows:

  • NV = Never applies to me
  • RA = Rarely applies to me
  • SM = Sometimes applies to me
  • OF = Often applies to me

We have also included 4 demographic questions for research purposes. We are interested in seeing whether gender, type of nurse, experience and work environment are related to work stress. Remember that this is a totally anonymous test, and there are NO right or wrong answers, so please respond as accurately as possible.

Once you have completed all the test items, you will be able to see your overall and component stress scores. 

To begin the Work Stress Test, click on the Start Test button below.

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